About us

Our philosophy. Our team. Our partners.


The Dynamic Solar Systems AG is constantly working toward the ecological and economic improvement of the position of their customers, partners and products. Quality in the sense of continuous improvement in customer satisfaction is ensured through reliable and prompt processing. Research and development are closely aligned with customer feedback and are published and secured by accompanying patent registrations. An industrial approach to production and cooperation makes our products safe and widely available. The recyclability of all raw materials ensures a clean environmental balance.

Our Team

The common pursuit of long-lasting, exacting and effective progress unites the employees and business partners of DSS AG.
We’ve been working together since 2014 to build up an industrial process based on quality. The first products have proven to be surprisingly attractive across the entire value chain. Synergy means that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Here we present a few components of this chain.  

Become our Partner

Without our business partners, our company could not exist. The DSS AG adheres to the old saying “If you want to go far, go together.” Here we introduce you to important building blocks of our company which effectively complement our long-term common goals.

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