Underfloor heating
with the latest infrared technology!

We offer our customers the manufacture, sale and installation of a truly environmentally-friendly heating system
based on one of the latest and most innovative heating technologies world-wide.

Your advantages at a glance

    • energy efficient
    • cost saving
    • easy and quick to install
    • very low installation height of 3-4 mm
    • perfect for renovations / retrofitting
    • environmentally friendly
    • ideal in combination with solar and other alternative energy sources
    • Smart home compatible
    • no toxic heavy metals 
  • no hidden additional costs
  •  low maintenance
  •  qualifies for the reduced heat pump tariff (30% less than the standard electricity tariff)
  • can be combined with many common floor coverings
  • can be combined with all common thermostats
  • high quality, recyclable materials offer 20 years per life cycle*
  • made in Germany

  *with professional installation and correct usage


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Technical Specifications

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