Underfloor heating
with the latest infrared technology!

We offer our customers the manufacture, sale and installation of a truly environmentally-friendly heating system
based on one of the latest and most innovative heating technologies world-wide.

Your advantages at a glance

    • energy efficient
    • cost saving
    • easy and quick to install
    • very low installation height of 3-4 mm
    • perfect for renovations / retrofitting
    • environmentally friendly
    • ideal in combination with solar and other alternative energy sources
    • Smart home compatible
    • no toxic heavy metals 
  • no hidden additional costs
  •  low maintenance
  •  qualifies for the reduced heat pump tariff (30% less than the standard electricity tariff)
  • can be combined with many common floor coverings
  • can be combined with all common thermostats
  • high quality, recyclable materials offer 20 years per life cycle*
  • made in Germany

  *with professional installation and correct usage


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The compact sub-floor elements are perfect for renovations or as a retrofit. High-quality materials insure a life cycle of 20 years* in new and old buildings.
*with professional installation and correct usage
You no longer require layers of screed that take weeks to harden. New construction or integration into an existing system is possible within a few hours. Space-saving drywall concepts allow new heating solutions without changing existing doors and frames.
DSS underfloor heating provides quick and pleasant warmth through a special heat extraction process in our heating foils - in both living areas and bathrooms as well as in offices and public buildings.
Ideal and easy to combine with solar and other alternative energy sources
We manufacture in close cooperation with our customers. individuelle und günstige Lösungen.
Our products contain NO toxic heavy metals, asbestos or carbon fibers. Natural and fully recyclable raw materials reduce the CO2 emissions and
protect the environment..

Technical Specifications

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Dimensions: 32 x 30-400 cm
Height: approx. 1 mm
Connections: up to 48V (DC) or 230 V (AC)
In new buildings you gain up to 11 cm in room height thanks to the low underfloor construction. In renovation projects, you simply remove the old floor and install the DSS underfloor heating foils which can be used with all common floor coverings. You don’t need to change doors or floor coverings. There is also no need for new electrical connections.
Surface temperature of the floor according to legal requirements, max. 29°C.
Average energy requirement:
Approx. 20W/m² to maintain a constant temperature of 21 degrees Celsius at KfW 55*

No hidden additional costs

Qualifies for the reduced heat pump tariff (30% less than the standard electricity tariff) *
*Lower or higher output values can be achieved according to specific requirementsrealisierbar
Can be combined with all common digital room thermostats and smart home solutions.

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