Ultra-thin radiators

The DSS heating foils can be fully integrated into thermally conductive, decorative and natural stone panels. Even with a thickness of just a few millimeters , the efficient heating panels can provide elegant, cozy warmth. 

Ultra-thin radiators

The DSS heating foils demonstrated a degree of conversion from electricity to heat of 93% to 98%

Conventional blowers and convection ovens achieved only 30% to 40% in comparison.

When combined with heat-conducting, decorative and natural stone panels, the DSS heating foils can set visual accents as well as provide cozy heat radiation. Panels just a few millimeters thick allow rapid, broad-based and direct extraction of heat. Rooms can be brought to the desired temperature quickly and efficiently or kept at an economical base temperature for a long time. sparsamen Grundtemperaturen gehalten werden.

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